Odin Architects is an art studio specialized in architecture visualization and design. We focus on realizing our client’s ideas by using 3D figures, color and motion. Unlike other studio, Odin is founded by an multidisciplinary team of professionals, including architects, 3D artists, photographers and marketers, most of whom have over 10 years of working experience. Having different perspectives enables us to understand the beauty of the construction while remaining critical of its other functions. We are confident in grasping our clients’ ideas and translate them into high quality and accurate images and animation.

As in any story telling, we approach the project not from technical aspect only but also from an emotional edge. We seek not to convey reality but rather the potential. We prefer to create a clever image that engage with its viewers, but not to simply content with aesthetic beauty alone. We believe that every additional details, aside from the building itself, together make the whole visual representation more relevant and engaging. By fine-tuning each and every small aspects, we hope to constantly and accurately deliver our client’s ideas and persuade their audience. A good image should transcends any software and hardware limitations, and be a sum of both creators’ and audiences’ minds.

Based in Vietnam and France, the studio is 100% employee owned. The team is highly experienced in helping clients to win planning contest or gaining social media’s attention for high end commercial and residential property. Staying true to our commitment to excellence, we understand that any project needs flexibilities, delays or even rushes. Rather than insisting on our own pace, Odin architect has the capacity and experience to accommodate any sudden increase of working and stick to our deadline, without compromising our promise to quality.